Seafood Restaurant

Seafood Restaurant

Going to a seafood restaurant in Corolla or the Outer Banks is a tradition. Fried or broiled favorites like shrimp, fish, crab, oysters, clams, and mussels are an essential part of the Corolla beach trip experience. Here at Sundogs raw bar & grill restaurant our seafood only comes one way and from one place. It comes fresh and it comes right here from the Outer Banks fishermen. Contrary to sixty or seventy years ago there are very few places where fresh seafood, real fresh seafood, is the norm like in the Outer Banks. In fact shockingly, most seafood does not even come from North American waters. This seems outrageous but it is true. Most of your seafood is frozen and foreign, at least with shrimp

But not here…

We offer lots of ways to enjoy seafood. One of my favorites is our giant steamed seafood platter.For those who want to get right down to business and enjoy a giant helping of seafood, our giant seafood platter is for you(and someone least)

seafoodSteamed Seafood Platter

The listing in our menu says it is for 2 but it should say 2 people with a voracious appetite for seafood. Other than that you will need help.. I mean look what is included:

  • 1 lb of crab legs
  • 1 lb of shrimp
  • 12 clams
  • 1 pound of mussels

And of course this will be Pamlico sound fresh shellfish.

Or if fried is more of your thing

We offer a fried platter for two which includes:

  • Crispy Rockfish
  • Fried Calamari
  • Fried Shrimp
  • Fried Oysters
  • Crab Cake
  • Served with Two Sides

Anchors away

seafood restaurant in corollaAlways Fresh Corolla Seafood

There is no substitute for fresh seafood. By fresh I do not mean fresh frozen or just fished in some far away place I mean a seafood restaurant offering that:

  • gets their shrimp, crabs, oysters, and mussels from the actual Outer Banks waterways
  • gets this seafood off the boat and cooks it right away
  • Anything else is just an imitation

shrimp corollaOther Fresh Seafood options

More ways to enjoy fresh gourmet seafood. If there is a way to saute, cook, bake, broil, or season, fry, or grill that we do not list below, let us know, because we love to offer the largest selection of fresh seafood.

Here are just a few of the other seafood options we have:

  • Fresh fish of the day
  • Oysters Rockefeller
  • Shrimp n Grits
  • Oyster Po’boy
  • Shrimp Po’boy
  • Crab Cake sandwich
  • Beer Battered Rockfish
  • Fish tacos
  • Fried Calamari
  • Tuna Bites
  • Blackened Mahi
  • Crispy Rockfish
  • Crawfish Etoufe
  • Fish Burrito
  • Jambalaya

So come visit us for the best seafood ever!

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Seafood Restaurant