Local Outer Banks Seafood Restaurant

Local Outer Banks Seafood Restaurant

outer banks fresh seafoodFor many no visit to the Outer Banks is complete without visiting a seafood restaurant. By seafood restaurant, I mean a local restaurant serving fresh caught regional seafood. This is important since so few of these kind of restaurants are left. This combination of local preparation and sourcing means every dish is made fresh regularly. And you can taste the difference over frozen seafood.

Why Local Outer Banks Seafood?

 There are other reasons to take notice of the difference of what fresh restaurant seafood in the Outer Banks has or doesn’t have versus big chains or large supermarket style frozen seafood processors. I saw an article go into some of the overlooked details you may not have been told.

 Where is it from?

 It is not enough to just assume every restaurant is giving you the finest quality seafood you can get. In fact, this can be dangerous since seafood has been sourced all over the world and the standards in other countries aren’t as stringent as our own in the United States. To be honest, fresh coastal America seafood is the exception, not the norm, with many seafood chains. 

 How is it raised?

 A more direct question to ask when enjoying seafood is to ask how it was raised. Is Landmark Lighthouse Outer Cape Banks Hatterasthat shrimp or fish harvested from the ocean or dirty central Asian fish and shellfish farms. Again you cannot assume that you are getting something from the ocean. In fact many foreign fish farms add antibiotics to combat disease. Which of course means you could potentially be ingesting antibiotics, which is not what you signed up for.

 Is this actually what I think it is?

 At Sun Dogs seafood, you do not have to worry about getting unregulated diseased seafood. At our seafood restaurant and raw bar you can rest easy knowing that

 We support local fishermen and get most of our seafood right from Carolina coastal waters. It seems silly to source seafood 7,000 miles away when the best seafood is only 3 miles off the OBX Coast.

 The difference is in the taste. Come try our shellfish and other types of fish and you will taste the difference.

Local Outer Banks Seafood Restaurant