Outer Banks Seafood: Po Boy Style

Outer Banks Seafood: Po Boy Style

Outer Banks Seafood: Po Boy Style

There seems to be no end to the ways you can enjoy delicious seafood. In fact that is a good thing, as it gives us more ways to enjoy It. We put seafood in and on everything from creamy pasta to one of my favorites, the Po’ Boy Shrimp Sandwich.

For those of you not from the South, Po’ Boy is short for Poor Boy. It is a sandwich of fried shrimp nestled on fresh bread with sauce and a few condiments for flavor. So why not call it a shrimp sandwich or shrimp roll?

new orleans po boyThe Shrimp Po boy: The Origin

Well it is a sandwich but the name Po’ boy has history attached to it. While there are disputes over the inventor, one famous story says two New Orleans based brothers were serving free sandwiches to people on strike in New Orleans. On strike and without pay, the two brothers referred to them as Poor Boys. Add a little Nawlins panache to this term and you get Po Boy.

There is no one exact way to make a Po Boy but it usually is shrimp on bread. It is often accompanied with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. There are many variations on this, but this is the “classic” Po Boy.

Simplicity and Taste

But it was also an easy sandwich to concoct and how bad could it be, it is fried shrimp on fresh bread. It just has achieved a fame over other shrimp sandwiches because of the legend connected with the nashrimp corollame Po Boy.

Fresh Fried Shrimp And Fresh Bread

Personally I do not see how you could go wrong with a fried shrimp sandwich. Now come enjoy this iconic sandwich as part of the Sun Dogs restaurant menu in Corolla. We promise fresh Pamlico Sound shrimp and fresh bread.

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Outer Banks Seafood: Po Boy Style