Outer Banks Karaoke

Outer Banks Karaoke

Tips For Great Outer Banks Karaoke

Karaoke etiquette. I never thought I would put those words together. To me there is nothing more spontaneous and aouter_banks_karaoke little crazy than getting up in front of a room of people in the Outer Banks or Corolla and singing your heart out. I am a little biased but I think the key takeaway should be to have fun. Be silly, be serious…but have a good time. Do not take yourself too seriously, unless that is your thing.

Fun Factor

We are here in the Outer Banks in Corolla at your favorite seafood restaurant (which I don’t have to say is of course Sundogs), too have fun. We are here to let off steam. The nightlife here is designed to help you relax  and get a good laugh. Naturally most karaoke patrons sing all time in places like the car, shower, to their pets, you name it. But very few (or really no one has a live band) A live band karaoke, if you can get it,  is the way to go.

Live Band

First of all a live band will at least try to be your backup as they play. They are not a karaoke machine with a dot on it that just leaves you in the dust. Live Band Karaoke players are trying to make you sound as good as they can. Also they give you the real experience. When we are singing in our showers, gardens, cars etc, we get into it. Now you have a band to help further that feeling of realism.


A drink or two might be ok but do not get too drunk. You have to remember your lines and think on your feet should you forget one. Stumbling and bumbling drunk is probably not going to help you with that. You want to be somewhat relaxed but you still need to be in control.

karaoke_bar_in_outer_banksKaraoke Support Network.. The More The Better

Take a group of friends who love you and support you. If you’re around friends that you are constantly feeling like they are talking about you I probably would not bring them. This is not the group you want to have in front of you while you make a fool of yourself in the lounge. Remember, be with people who are there to have fun with you.

Light food before the performance

Unless you’re going for the bloated Chris Farley effect by wobbling and burping then I would highly suggest a light meal before you go up on stage. Think of this like an athletic competition in the sense that you are performing and are doing some movement. You have to be able to breathe without feeling like you are about to pass out because you overate. And you don’t want to be out there sweating your butt off either. Digesting food takes energy…energy you need on stage. So keep that in mind when you go on to perform.  Also you want to move. Lead singers move around. They involve the audience. You need to be mobile, or at least have the option.

Pick a song you like…a lot

Pick a familiar song. Better yet pick a familiar song you just cannot stop singing. Have a few in mind if possible. The reasoning here takes us back to the  theme of fun. Make it a song you know the lyrics to because you sang it no less than a bazillion times. Or you could pick a song that you really do not all that well and shred it to bits. It is your moment. Do not worry if you screw it up and don’t say the lines right.  You are there to have fun and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of our Outer Banks seafood restaurant and get a good laugh.

Remember emotion

OK this might seem a little funny but even if you can’t sing it doesn’t mean you can’t convey the emotion of the song. Your expressions and your body movements are going to sell some of the energy of the song. And whether it’s the worst performance in history or not there is no way it is going to be worse if you decide to interject some personality into it.

Be ridiculous

If you know that you can be funny and not the best singer have fun with it. Don’t don’t feel bad about butchering a song or making the group laugh. That is part of the experience.

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