Late Night

Late Night

Late Night

Daytime is just not enough. Especially on vacation. When in Corolla or the Outer Banks you want to squeeze as much fun out of your trip as possible. After a day at the beach, sites, and dinner, the “day” is just not over. It is time to enjoy the nightlife with lots to offer. In Corolla no one understands nightlife, or how to have fun with it, more than Sundogs.

In fact if you ask people what their definition of nightlife is, you might get a lot of different things. Some of the things you might hear are:

  • Going out late
  • Late night food
  • Partying late night
  • Places to go after 11
  • Late Night Entertainment
  • Fun in the late night hours
  • Bars, pubs, restaurants, movies, concerts..


I think you could add about 100 more to this list but I will add two. The two that I think are essential are

  • Great Food
  • Lots of Fun

How that plays out can vary. In Corolla, however, Sundogs has a few things to help you fill in the details.

Live Music

We are your first choice for live bands and great entertainment. Check out our schedule to see who is playing tonight.

late night bands
late night bands and music

Live Band Karaoke

What is the only thing more fun than karaoke with your friends? How about karaoke with your friends while you play with a live band. Live the music or rock star experience with a live guitarist and drummist backing up your vocals.


 Our Delicious Late Night Menu

As I have said before you cannot karaoke on an empty stomach. Sundogs in Corolla has a special late night menu with all of the must have comfort food. Enjoy fresh from the fryer wings, fries, and more!

 Come enjoy Late Night With Us!

Check Out Our Late Night Schedule


Late Night