Fresh Bar Drinks

Fresh Bar Drinks

Fresh Bar Drinks

When you order a drink with lemon, orange, or berry you want these authentic tastes. Well there is no substitute for farm fresh fruits that are squeezed into your drink. That is the way we make them at the SunDogs Bar.

Fresh squeezed fruit is the key ingredient to our drinks

A cocktails with real fruit makes all the difference. Here are a pics of our creations and equipment to guarantee you are getting something made on the spot when you order that is refreshing AND fresh.

Fresh Berry Mojito


Our Juice Machine prepping a fresh orange for one of our orange crushes

Signature Drink Menu

Check outour signature drink menu for some incredible drinks including:

  • An Orange Crush
  • Mojitos
  • A Raspberry Lemonade Crush
  • A Cherry Limeade Crush
  • And More

And What Goes Great With A Fresh Drink Or Cocktail?

Our drinks go great with our food. Here are some of the dishes you may have missed:

Pork Taco

pork taco

Smothered Wings



Drinks And Late Night Food

Our late night menu is also ready to satisfy your cravings when the urge hits



Fresh Bar Drinks