Corolla Restaurant Specials

Corolla Restaurant Specials

Corolla Restaurant Specials

Corolla Restaurant One Of A Kind Dishes And Specials

Being A Corolla Restaurant means you get to serve many locals and tourists who all enjoy fresh made to order food at Sun Dogs. While everything on our regular restaurant menu is always made to order, we also offer a number of specialty dishes that may or may not be served again.

They are created by our Chef and are based upon his creative leanings. But be clear on one thing, they are out of this world spectacular and I have the photos to prove it…

Corolla Restaurant Menu And Beyond

Hamburger And Avocado Specialbest burger restaurant

Everyone loves a good hamburger. But add in a little avocado and you get something out of this world.

clam chowderSeafood Menu Specialty

It was a cold late Winter day and our chef was inspired to make homemade clam chowder. Just the thing to warm you up and make you want more..





great food corollaAnd The Lunch Of The Irish

Finally St Patrick’s Day is always special at this Corolla Raw Bar And Grill..

With it comes some incredible dishes like homemade Shephards Pie, Corned Beef And Wings.

So How Do You Keep From Missing These Restaurant Specials..

Funny you asked. Check our Facebook page regularly. You will be glad you did!

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Corolla Restaurant Specials