Corolla Halloween

Corolla Halloween

Corolla Halloween

It is time for Halloween in Corolla. That means it is time to find your costume for the Sun Dog’s Halloween Party. Sun Dog’s is the place to come to show off your costume creativity. There will be prizes for multiple categories of costume excellence. These include:

  • Best Costume
  • Funniest Costume
  • Sexiest Costume
  • Best Group

This means you have 4 chances to let your creativity go wild and make this the best Halloween ever. So the next question is who do you come as? To inspire your Halloween creativity I have pulled a few costume ideas that allow you to enter the contest and be stage ready for live band karaoke.

corolla halloweenCorolla Halloween Karaoke: Choosing The Costume

There are lot of ways you can go about this. You can target a category and then build in the details with all the elements that help you get into character. That sounds a lot like work. I say, have fun. Become your favorite character and the details will take care of themselves. But why limit yourself? Pick a character that allows you to take the Halloween magic to the karaoke stage as well as enter the contest.

Halloween Karaoke Costumes: Some Inspiration

Dressing up as your favorite rocker and musician is easier than you think. I put together a few famous people for your inspiration. These are good choices since these artists have scores of well known hits that are perfect for the stage.


Halloween Costume Target: Best Costume

This rocker gives you multiple traditional styles that will be easily recognized by the crowd. You can be young spritely Jailhouse Rock Elvis. You can be Vegas Elvis. You can even go crazy and add in some crazy element and make this look your own. And when you hit the karaoke stage you can wail out your best Elvis impression.


Halloween Costume Target: Best Group Costume

This is perfect for the group Halloween contest entry. The fab 4 are instantly recognizable. You can dress up from a host of different Beatles looks. Then one, or all of you can hit the stage. Then do your best Beatles impression singing the most popular songs of the 20th century.


Halloween Costume Target: Best Costume, Sexiest Costume

This is another instantly recognizable musical celebrity that can prepare you for multiple events on Halloween. You can dress as Cher to compete for best costume. You can doll up in one of Cher’s more sexy outfits to compete for sexiest costume, if you dare. Then get on stage and belt out your favorite Cher tunes for some invigorating Corolla Halloween Karaoke.

Halloween Karaoke And Lots More

I hope these ideas have inspired you. As always we will have incredible food and drinks.

Come join us for Halloween!

Corolla Halloween