Best Burger In The Outer Banks

Best Burger In The Outer Banks

Best Burger In The Outer Banks

It may be a bold statement but the best burgers in the Outer Banks are prepared right here in Corolla at Sundogs restaurant. Of all the foods available in the OBX or Corolla this one has a special claim to fame. Yes the Outer Banks, and Sundogs are famous for Ocean to table seafood and there is a good reason for that. It is delicious. But burgers, or a thick juicy burger is something that you just get a special craving for.

best burger outer banksThe Craving For The Best Burger In The Outer Banks

Even in the seafood oasis known as the Outer Banks the craving for a certain food in going to hit you. For many the burger is as American as apple pie or baseball. Maybe more so, since I do not have cravings for those like I do the perfectly cooked burger. In fact one of the most famous songs by esteemed artists Jimmy Buffet is about a hankering for a delicious burger

Cheeseburger in..

For those people who may be too young or have missed this musical treasure, the song  is a first person account about a man (presumably Jimmy Buffet) who has been on a diet. For those who have dieted seriously you know food cravings are going to come. Some of them very visceral and vivid. In the song he describes the burger he is craving don’t to the most quintessential detail including:

  • Toppings
  • Sauce
  • Accompanying side dishes
  • Accompanying beverages

I do not know if he meant to write the song about his dream burger in jest, or as a parody, but I know when I am dieting, I dream of a delicious burger…and just about every other type of food.

So back to the best burger in the Outer Banks..

The Craving For The Best Burger In The Outer Banks

When the craving hits you, here in Corolla, Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Nags Head or beyond we are the oasis you need for that delicious made to order all beef mega burger.

outer banks best burger restaurantAnd Some Of Our Specialty Burgers Deserve Their Own Song

I cannot go into detail about every burger. Mostly because it is making me hungry. But I can start your craving cessation journey by sending you to the menu

See you at Sundogs

Best Burger In The Outer Banks