It’s Always Time For Crab Legs In Corolla

It’s Always Time For Crab Legs In Corolla

It’s Always Time For Crab Legs In Corolla

To crab lovers the idea of pans of of different crab legs pulled from Outer Banks and national waters is all the invitation they need to come to Sundogs Bar and Grill Outer Banks. A properly stacked ocean to table crab restaurant Sundogs is basically a crab festival! There is no need to devote a specific day or promotion.

Outer Banks Seafood 101: Keep The Crab Legs Coming

In fact I think the minute a plate of fresh Alaskan King Crab legs hits the table, a crab festival has officially (or unofficially) begun. The key to keeping the fest part of the crab festival going is an endless supply of crab legs. That is where Sundogs keeps the crab celebration going. Any time the restaurant is open, we keep the crab legs cooking to order.

dailyAnd Why Limit Yourself To Just One Type Of Crab

Check out how many types of crabs we have on the menu at Sundogs. At any one time there can be as many 7 types of crabs including:

  • Alaska snow crab
  • Argentina king crab
  • Russian crab legs
  • Jonah crab clusters
  • Seattle Dungeness crab
  • Candian jumbo crab legs
  • Norwegian crab legs
  • Florida stone crab

Outer Banks Seafood And Crab Extravaganza

That being said there is no need to declare a crab festival or fest at our seafood buffet. Every day the buffet is open is a crab extravaganza. Of course, all seafood lovers and crab lovers are welcome. Pans and pans of crab legs are waiting any time you want your own personal crab celebration.

And Of Course Crabs Are Just the Beginning Of Our Seafood Fest

Crabs are just one part of the extravaganza of seafood awaiting you at Sundogs in the Outer Banks. We have dozens of other seafood dishes that take the seafood festival to the next level. This includes shrimp, scallops, clams, oysters, calamari, lobster, salmon, rockfish, tuna, swordfish, catfish, cobia, crawfish and mussels. This does not even include the non seafood dishes and our fresh baked desserts, which should have their own “celebratory” title as well.

Come Visit Us At Sundogs In The Outer Banks And Let The Daily Seafood Extravaganza begin!

It’s Always Time For Crab Legs In Corolla